Name: Ogilvy Digital Marketing Academy (2013)
Course Completed: Digital Marketing Essentials Programme
Name: AAA School of Advertising, Cape Town (1995)
Course Completed: Post Graduate Diploma with Specialisation in Copywriting
Achievements: Won mid-year college campaign (out of three campaigns for the year)
Extra Activities: Founder Member of Egg Promotions, a student-run marketing company
Name: Rhodes University, Grahamstown (1992-1994)
Degree Obtained: Bachelor of Arts
Major Subjects: Industrial Psychology
  Linguistics and English Language
Clubs and Societies: Rhodes Music Radio - D.J.
  RMR Disco - D.J.
  Grahamstown Festival F.M. - D.J.
  Festival F.M. Advertising Sub-Committee
Name: Selborne College, East London (1991)
Achievements: Academic Merit in Matric
  Completed Junior Exam in Bilingualism in 1989
  Silver award in 1988 Maths Olympiad
  Gold award and 6th in South Africa in 1986
  Diploma for Original Writing at 1820 Foundation Eisteddfod (1988)
Interests: I used to spin vinyls at clubs and events (largest crowd was over 6000), but now I mostly like to make music, build websites, design cellphone interfaces, network online, hook up for good times with mates, read as many tech forums and sites as possible, cultivate the herb garden, feed my audiophile addiction and play with gadgets. When I'm not thinking about ads, that is. Click here to see some of my stuff.
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