The concept of this campaign is to continue the idea of “Nobody changes our chutney” by placing unusual Suggestion Boxes in various high-traffic areas, such as malls, zoos, beaches, etc. Ideas include a box that shreds your suggestion as soon as you pop it in the slot; boxes surrounded by snakes; electrified boxes; boxes that growl as you approach them; boxes placed in inaccessible/dangerous areas like shark tanks or crocodile enclosures, and so on.

What becomes clear is that we don’t really want any suggestions. Mrs. Ball’s is just fine the way it is.

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  Peugeot - Rolex   Energizer - Chair   Energizer - Chair   Energizer - Chair   Energizer - Chair

Suggestion Box

paper shredder


Suggestion Box

in aquarium tank


Suggestion Box

with scorpions


Suggestion Box

on a street pole


Suggestion Box

with no opening

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Experiential & Ambient:

Mrs. Ball's - Suggestion Boxes
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